WordPress site care packages.

You work hard to keep your business moving forward. Our team of dedicated WordPress experts makes sure technology doesn’t stand in your way

wordpress site care packages

We are WordPress experts, let us care for your site and focus on running your business

We’ve handled a fair number of site and can say we’ve seen it all, benefit from our experience and let us handle all the technical aspects of your website. You can have peace of mind that your website is always secure, backed-up and running as smooth as possible.

You can ask us to do anything you need as long as we estimate it won’t take more than 30mins (we work fast).

What this means for you:

Unlimited 30min fixes

Most of our site care package include an unlimited number of tickets to keep your content up to date.

A More Secure Site

We scan your site and prevent hacks to keep your site running as smooth as possible.

A faster site

We optimize your WordPress website for speed and performance

Always up to date

We keep your website fully updated with the latest version of WordPress and plugins

Daily off-site backups

We backup your site everyday to an offline secure location, and can restore in the blink of an eye.

Staging site

We test every update on a replica of your site before pushing them live.

Website insight

get the latest stats directly on your dashboard or in a monthly PDF reports

Uptime monitoring

We are alerted the second your site is offline and take immediate action.

Our sitecare packages


Quick fixes Development time System updates Response time Website backups Malware scan Uptime monitoring Speed optimization SEO optimization Staging Site Multisite support Ecommerce support Improvement strategy


USD 180 / mo

Minimum 6 months
5 Quick fixes per month 2 hours 48h hours Weekly Weekly


USD 260 / mo

Minimum 6 months
Unlimited 4 hours 48h hours Daily Daily

Pro Care

USD 399 / mo

Minimum 6 months
Unlimited 8 hours 24h hours Daily (off-server) Daily


What do quick fixes include

A 30 min quick fix is a task we can complete in 30 min or less. Most of the time this includes content updates, small CSS changes, replacing an image, etc.

Quick fixes do not include any custom code, feature development, graphics work or issue debugging.

if we judge your inquiry to be outside the scope of a 30min quick fix, we will use the allocated development time to complete it.l If you are out of dev time we will inform you and you can decide if we should fix the issue at our standard hourly rate.

Quick fix example:

  • Change the logo image in the header of your website
  • Change a paragraph of text
  • Upload an image
  • Small CSS changes

Not quick fix examples:

  • Add a contact form
  • Change the page layout

What if i own multiple websites?

The packages described above only cover a single domain, If you have 3 websites that you’d like us to manage, you’ll need 3 plans, one for each. You are more than welcome to choose different plans for each website.

On a per case basis, we may be able to offer a custom package solution for multiple websites.

How do i get started?

To get started fill in the form provided and we will get back to you with the onboarding process. if the package you selected is not eligible for your website, we will let you know and advice you.

Do you cover multisites or ecommerce solutions?

Yes, we provide site care for e-commerce and multisite under the Pro Care package.



What are your usual response time and resolution time?

This varies on the time of day and day of the week, but the majority of quick edit tickets are solved within 24 to 48 hours. Occasionally it may take a bit longer for a long list of edits or more complex changes. For priority support (most single-request tickets are solved within 3-6 hours), feel free to upgrade to our Pro Care.

Do you cover any other CMS?

Yes, we are able to offer the same services for websites powered by SilverStripe, Joomla and Drupal. We can also provide maintenance for Static HTML webistes. Please contact us if you have special requirements

I’m an agency looking to outsource, can we work together?

Of course, we provide outsourcing services for multiple agencies already. we can remain completely anonymous or interact with your clients directly on your behalf.

We can tailor custom site care packages for agencies with 5 or more websites.

What is development time?

Dev time (Development time) is the time we spend to do more complicated work, such as new feature development, advanced debugging, or any task that requires more than 30 min.

If you do not use the allocated Dev time in your package, we usually spend it to improve existing feature of your website.

Dev time does not roll over to the next month.


For any special request, please contact us via email or through the Project planner